BDS Skill India Program

BDS has recently launched a campaign to train and educate the operators regarding metal drilling technology and plate beveling technology, following the footsteps of SKILL INDIA campaign launched by Prime Minister of India on 15 July 2015.

BDS Maschinen GmbH (Germany) is proud to be in India and distribute our products like Broach Cutters, Magnetic Drilling Machines, and Beveling Machines. By the launch of BDS Skill India program BDS aims to train and educate the operators on professionally operating magnetic drilling machines, broach cutters and beveling machines. The goal of BDS Skill India program is the safety of operators and more productivity for the end user company.

BDS aims to generate skilled drilling operators in Indian industries, which will result in quality work, more productivity, less defect, fewer rejections, save time, save power and save money.

It is from now our responsibility to make your operators more professional and skilled for drilling. In our next emails, we will inform you more about the BDS Skill India Program. Contact us for Free Training session appointment in your company for your operators with our expert engineers

Following are some efforts towards BDS Skill India Program:

Instruction and Safety Posters for workshops, on how to operate magnetic drilling machines and broach cutters.

how to use mag drills and broach cutters (English and Hindi)

Instruction video about 1. how to use magnetic drilling machines and broach cutters? and 2. 1. how to do tapping with magnetic drilling machines?

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