Cutting Oil – 5 Liters

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The BDS Cutting oil should be used in pure form without mixing water. While using a HSS broach cutter ist very important to use cutting oil for longer life of the broach cutter. Many operators use normal lubricant while drilling with broach cutters but, this normal lubrcant has no effect on broach cutter. The life of the HSS broah cutters doe not increase with normal lubricants. For HSS broach cutters its very importnat that the broach cutters gets COOLING as well as LUBRICATING effect. A HSS broach cutter should always be used with cutting oil and not with lubricant/coolant. The use of BDS cutting oil on any brand of broach cutter will incraese the life of broach cutter from 30 – 50% more.

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ZHS 006


1 liter of BDS 5000 cutting oil




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