Original BDS Broach Cutters Production

Rohan Raut

Product quality is not a coincidence

BDS produces core drills at their facility in Mönchengladbach, with all the benefits for user

s worldwide:

  • High manufacturing precision and competence
  • Use of steels from well-known manufacturers
  • Short-term availability and fast delivery

BDS magnetic core drilling machines and core drilling tools must be considered as a functional unit. Thus, the development of in-house core drill production was expedited right from the beginning in parallel to the production of the machines. This is why the core drills of BDS today are on top worldwide.

The correct tool for any application

The particularly comprehensive range of BDS core drilling tools

is justified by the diversity of the applications and materials handled. Starting with the HSS core drills of the standard range, the most comprehensive range of tools with short, long and extra-long core drills, there are those with hard coatings, the large group of carbide drills and, as the most recent development, HSS-Co 8 core drills with 8% of cobalt content. Significant features of the BDS core drill tools are machining of full cuts and the high precision in geometry and concentricity associated with it, as well as optimised removal of shavings, high level of stability using qualitatively highclass types of steel. The VarioPLUS core drills with hard coatings ensure a high degree of wear resistance and long service life as a result of the good surface quality and hardness.


Know-how and technology – the recipe for quality

BDS produces high-performance tools on the mo


 modern high-power grinding stations, which are partially based on in-house construction and program ideas and concepts and have been developed and built particularly for BDS. The large production capacity set up at the corporate premises forms the basis of the high availability of the BDS core drill tools that are exported worldwide from Germany at present. The experience of our employees having put in many years of service contributes towards ensuring a significant part of the success.

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