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HSS Broach Cutters VS TCT Broach Cutters

Rohan Raut

This is a question in everyone’s mind, which type of broach cutter should we prefer HSS or TCT. Below information gives you a brief clarification.


HSS broach cutters are cheaper than the TCT broach cutters for smaller diameters up to 40 mm, while TCT broach cutters are cheaper than HSS for diameters above 41 mm.

Once the HSS broach cutters lose its sharpness, it can be re-ground on a grinding machine and can be used again. While re-grinding the TCT broach cutters is possible but very difficult and time-consuming.

The chances of defect in TCT broach cutters is more because the tungsten carbide tips are glued on the broach cutters and when the broach cutters falls down or crashes on the material, the chances tip breakage is more. A HSS broach cutters on the other hand a complete made of one material.

TCT broach cutters biggest advantage is speed and ease in which it may cut harder materials. Especially for larger diameter TCT broach cutters are very successful. While HSS broach cutters are good when drilling not very hard material and for small diameter hole sizes.

The hardness of TCT broach cutters is more than the HSS broach cutters.



We would recommend you to use HSS Standard broach cutters for your regular use,

HSS Cobalt broach cutter for harder material drilling and

TCT broach cutters for drilling above 40 mm diameters for all materials.


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